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Suyama spring is the company which does production of a spring and sale.

Representative photograph Zip code 146-0083
2-15-10, Chidori, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Build-to-order manufacturing

1.Pull 2.Compression 3.torsion 4.Close adherence 5.Duble torsion

Sample photograph
I even receive the order for mass production from an experimental production in correspondence and an offer of a drawing or a sample. When knowing the original shape even if it's damaged, a sample is OK. Please request an estimate.

For home and housing

Door and sash Crescent and the mailbox Pull and the double torsion
1 For doors 2 For sash Crescent 3 For mailboxes 4 For oil lighters.
Acquisition of a spring is difficult and is the kind with a lot of orders seriously.

For handicrafts and reels

When a due date of several days is necessary and hurried after an order, please inquire.

1〜3abu、PENNreels spring drums、spring telephones
For reels For spring telephones For echo microphones For fishing balances For spring drums.

Immediately, and, the finished goods which can be used for small number of use conveniently.

  1. Compression
  2. Pull
  3. Torsion

1.Compression 188 kinds of ready-made article.
2.Tension 132 kinds of ready-made article.
3.Torsion 10 kinds of ready-made article.

It's mail-order limitation, a due date is usually shipped off within 3 business days.

The material

The handling material is of primary concern, SWC hard steel line, SWP piano wire and SUS stainless steel. Other material will be order.

Price payment

Payment of the price is transferred to a convenient bank of one of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking or a YUUCHO bank. The amount of payment is the making price, a consumption tax and shipping charge.

The nearest station

Tokyu Ikegami line Chidorichou station, approximately, 10 minutes on foot and Tokyu Tamagawa line Musashinitta station for approximately 8 minutes on foot. When coming, please be sure to contact telephone 03-3750-6545.